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                      Rs-9188 smart Watch

                      100% Mass guarantee,Specialized in Stopwatch for runners for wholesale and sales, OEM/ODM sample within 5 days, Need to please contact us



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                      Product introduction

                      Product Parameter 
                      Base Parameter Product Model RS-9188
                      Master Chip  Realtek8762DK+BK3266
                      Sensor  BMA421
                      PPG Ship 3300
                      Virbation Loundspeaker Mute/Vibration
                      Waterpfoof Level IP67
                      Compatible System Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above 
                      Special Features Hd, calls, monitoring blood pressure, heart rate monitor
                      Main Feature 1.Full-touch hd color screen                                  2.Bluetooth call                                    3.Temperature check                            4.Ultra low power consumption                5.Support multi-movement mode                      
                      Other Functions 1. Bluetooth call  2. Temperature check 3. Ultra low power consumption 4. Long Battery Life (30 days of standby, normal use of 7... 10 days) 5. Support multiple movement mode 
                      Screen Screen Size  1.32"inch  TFT
                      Screen Type TFT
                      Connect Parameter BLuetooth 4.0BLE(Low power)
                      Other Parameter Battery Type Polymeter Lithium Battery 
                      Battery Capcaity 2600mAh
                      Charging Type Magnetic suction charging
                      Charging Time About 3-4 hours
                      Endurance  Time Can use 7days、Standby Day: 15days
                      Data Save Time 7days
                      Manipulation Mode  Full screen touch
                      Language Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Hindi Czech, Polish
                      APP Language Russian, Indonesian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean
                      Packing  Packing Smartwatch, Charging cable, Instruction, Packing box 
                      Product NW 50g
                      Box Szie ¢46.7mm*11.9mm*267

                      Common problem

                      A: After we get in touch with each other and confirm the sample, you can send us the specification to confirm the order, we will make and send PI for your confirmation;

                      A:After receiving your deposit, usually 30%, we will arrange production.

                      A:Yes, we are bulk stopwatch clocks. We need a lot of fitness stopwatches to come to us.

                      A:Yes, you can buy a lot of stopwatches here. The price is the best quality. You can also customize the fitness stopwatch of your favorite style.

                      A:We are specializing in the production of sports health products, contact us, a large number of fitness stopwatch, the price is very favorable.

                      A:Click here to email us, we can make relevant business for you, welcome to contact at any time

                      A:Yes, we specialize in the production of digital fitness products, can customize a variety of digital display fitness stopwatch.

                      A:The quality of digital stopwatch of resee brand is very good, with a number of international certifications and quality certificates: RoHS, FCC, CE, iso9001:2015, SGS。

                      A:Our starting order quantity is 500 pieces, combined to 500 pieces can also be various products, welcome your contact email, our delivery speed is faster than other manufacturers

                      A:The term of payment is t / T, L / C at sight, Western Union remittance, PayPal, etc.

                      A:Samples are charged first. Once the trial order is confirmed, the fee will be refunded.

                      A:Yes, we are a professional fitness product factory. Our factory is located in Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.

                      We are a high-tech private enterprise specializing in sports stopwatch, code watch, timer, timer, referee supplies and intelligent wearable bracelet, sports bracelet, heart rate bracelet, Bluetooth bracelet, intelligent watch and other high-end sports electronic intelligent products, research, development, production and sales.
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